Prayer Requests

December 2017

The Rileys are gearing up for their 6th Family DTS in April and our co-leaders, Brad and Shantel Plett, are starting a Family DTS that will take place in September 2018. We are praying for more staff.

Tanner, our now 19-year old son, is taking his DTS during a gap year, and is about to go on outreach to do relief work in Houston, Texas. He will then return home for about 6-7 weeks before going on a 3-month bible study course across the biblical lands.

Keaton (11th grade), Regan (8th), and Maribel (6th) are all doing well in their three different schools. There is a total of 40 miles between the furthest two.

Pray for our finances, as some of our donors have been “promoted” and we would love to see more monthly donors help make this missional lifestyle possible.