23rd Jan, 2010

Life Is Meant To Be . . .


Yes, you heard me say it. Life is meant to be fun.

Think about Genesis 1 and 2, before things got out of whack. Imagine Adam and God, exploring the garden, intrigued, amazed, in wonder, overjoyed, and awestruck by the beauty and variety of animals, naming each one together.

Imagine what it would be like, before sin ruled and the world became a fallen and difficult place, to be told that your only responsibilities are to make babies, fill the earth, and rule over it.

And ponder the truth that in that original design for humanity, God clearly was the Father over all and each of us, His creation, were created to be His sons and daughters, children before Him. Filled with the child-like faith that looks up into the sky and wonders at the millions of stars, sees the intensity of the blueness of the sky and wants to know why it is so blue, and is willing to jump down out of a tree into the arms of one’s daddy – that is who God created us to be and how we can relate to Him.

Jesus noted the import of a child’s heart of faith and yearned for the children to come to Him. He demonstrated exactly the heart of God, the Father.

So, I say life is meant to be fun. And, when we live in the reality that God is our Daddy and that we truly are His children, then we can stop working so had to make our own way, rest gently in the Way God has prepared for us, and enjoy.

If for any reason life has ceased being fun, then it surely is the right time to go to the Father and ask “Why?”

Life is beautiful!!


fun fun fun fun fun fun fun!


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