9th Nov, 2009

ouTside the boX

Our family plans to do something different this year for Christmas. One could say we are going to do Christmas . . .



In fact, we believe that we could see the entire world reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ if more followers of Jesus lived outside the box.

We want to give our Christmas away.

We (my wife, our three children, and I) plan to be in the Philippines over the Christmas holidays. We will buy items there to give to needy children and families for Christmas. But, the most important thing we will give is what is ouTside the boX. By giving our Christmas away we will be enabled to share the truth about Christmas – that it is a holiday celebrating the good news that God loved us so much that He came to earth to live and die for us.

We will buy presents in the Philippines, things like bibles, toys, toothbrushes, shampoo, and more to package up and present to those who can’t afford even one book and who truly buy their food as they have money to do so. We will then personally deliver each gift and explain why we are doing so.

You can participate in outside the boX as well. We welcome anyone who would love to go with us. We also welcome your support. Twenty dollars will make it possible to give generously to a child in the Philippines and make this Christmas one they will never forget. We pray that it will make Christmas 2009 one that will last all eternity. For more information about participating, check out and join our Facebook group or contact us via the contact tab on this blog.

Please pray for us. We will be in the Philippines for just over two weeks. Every day will be filled with shopping, wrapping, giving, and going – from sun up to sundown. We need God’s strength, your support, and we must do it all with an understanding of the heighth, width, depth, and breadth of God’s love for us and the Filipino people.

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