12th Aug, 2009

Bad News

I personally am tired of bad news. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week news channels highlight the most ridiculous of trivial details and turn them into crises. What once might have been breaking news is now little more than breaking wind. I think we need to stop supporting it. If we would turn off those channels, quit surfing news channels, stop subsidizing vain ramblings perhaps we could start focusing on ways to change this world and live the good news.


I totally agree! My wife and I stopped watching most of our local news because it’s so sensational and the only thing they seem to focus on was the bad. So now if we watch it, it’s just because we happened to know for sure that we wanted to hear about a particular story.

So I’m partly there. We’ll see if I can find value in the national news. If not, then I’m game for this plan!

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I’m with you. I don’t want to stick my head in the sand but I can be more upbeat when I don’t hear all of the bad news.

Brian, there is such a simple solution to this that most folks overlook. Susan and I had our cable disconnected in 2002 and have never looked back. We have NO channels on our tv at home. We have DVDs that we watch at our convenience but we never watch tv. Most people are shocked when we tell them this but it has been one of the greatest things we have ever done for our family. We actually spend time with our kids at night. We play board games, read books and just talk to one another. When you take tv out of the equation, its no longer a problem. Just a thought for those of you struggling with this issue.

you are absolutely right, bad news are for the “world” it is not our business. ha ha ha.

i would like to take this opportunity to thank you and tara for giving your life to the Lord. Continue to be a blessing to others. God bless you more and more. – sheila from Iligan city, philippines
remember me? hope so!

Oh, wow, Sheila! Yes, we remember and it’s good to hear from you. May God let us see one another again!

I agree to certain extent ,but we are all accountable unto YHVH to know the signs and the times we are living in.”you can determine the weather and if it will rain,but you cannot determine the signs and the times you live in”I truly believe that when we look at world news through YHVH’s eyes we all will be on the right track .By his ruach he will lead us through all things.

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