25th Aug, 2009

30 Days of Prayer for Muslim World

30 Days of Prayer NetworkDuring the month of Ramadan, from August 22 – September 20, a group of prayer warriors established the 30-Days Prayer Network. You can go to their website here. They also have set up a Facebook page, and you can follow the prayer movement on Twitter. Please connect and let’s together grasp how high, deep, wide, and broad God’s love is for the Muslim people.

30 Days of Prayer Booklet - Kids


This is brilliant. This might just be the best Christian response right now.

Dan Smith’s last blog post..How to Pick a Mentor

Dear Marie,My heart goes out to all you women and men who have been abused physadiadcally or sexaduadally. It is a teradriadble vioadlaadtion of trust and rpseect for the digadnity of the human peradson. It is a sin that cries out to heaven for jusadtice and is ceradtainly often influadenced by demonic influadences which always try to dehuadmanadize us.The good news is there is hope for healading and strengthadenading. Spiradiadtuadally there are two main types of prayers that can help immensly in such cases. One is to offer up a Mass (or series of Masses) for our ancesadtors who are in Puradgaadtory and who have passed on to us the affects of thier sinadfull lifestyles. The Sacred Scripadtures tell us that we are not morally culadpaadble for the sins of our ancesadtors (Ezekiel 18) but that we sure do sufadfer the conadseadquences of thier sinadfulladness (Ex 20:5). We can have tenaddenadcies to depresadsion, suiadcide, addicadtions, poor self-confidence, indifadferadence, anger issues, etc. One of the worst affects of paradents with scanaddeadlously sinadfull behavadior is that it is difadfiadcult to deveadladope a trustading, affecadtive relaadtionadship with God. What one does to preadpare for a Mass for the famadily is to make a famadily tree includading paradents, grandadparadents and great grandadparadents. One can also include aunts and uncles as well. On the paper with the tree one also puts sigadnifadiadcant behavadiors or events that could affect me (such as divorces, infiaddelity, peradverse behavadior, involveadment in cults, new age, atheadism, cursading, vioadlence, aboradtions, witchadcraft, being orphaned or abanaddoned, unloved, loneadliadness, etc). Durading the Mass we put them all on the altar (When I conadduct these Masses I put the sheets of the famadily trees on the altar) and plead that preadcious blood of the sacadriadfice of Jesus over them all grantading them mercy and also prayading for all the other peoadple who have been hurt by them that they too find healading and the lovading presadence of God in thier lives. We also give thanks for thier lives becouse in the end God used them to bring us into exhisadtence, He loves them too, and we have also inheradited good aspects from them as well (could be inteladliadgence, or skill in a craft or music, etc) It is a prayer of soladiaddaradity where we pray that our whole famadily will be blessed by Godb4s meradciadfull healading and freeading love through Jesus. The secadond type of powaderadfull prayer that I would recadomadmend is the healading of memadoadries. In this prayer one asks God to bless our bodadies, feeladings, emoadtions, memadoadries, imagadiadnaadtion and inteladlect and will. Then we ask the Holy Spirit to bring up a memadory that He would like to heal. When a memadory comes to mind, such as physadiadcal or sexadual abuse, we put ouradselves in the memadory as if we were re-living it, but this time we ask Jesus (and Mary) to come to us and help us, to conadsole us, and to help us not to be afraid. We can ask them what they think of us, because we can feel much shame or disadgust in what we have expeadriadenced or peradhaps we even blame ouradselves instead of the adult or other peradson who is truly at fault. It is amazading to me what Jesus and Mary say and do in these cases. Our past is litaderadally changed. It becomes filled with the love from heaven. The prayer using immagadiadnaadtion has this power because with God past, present and future are all in the present. He can heal the past by takading away the negadaadtive emoadtions that are trapped deep within and which conadstantly haunt us. One may do this prayer alone but I find many peoadple need help to enter into this type of prayer. For More inforadmaadtion on this topic one can google Healading of Memadoadries (Fr. DiGranaddis is a good author on this and Healading the Famadily Tree).The third recadomadmenaddaadtion is the groups of ALANON and the litaderadaadture. They deal with the emmoadtional sickadness that can infect us when we have lived with an extremely unhealthy peradson. Many who have not actuadally lived with an addict attend these meetadings because they find it is a solid and pracadtiadcal path to findading emoadtional peace. I finadish by leavading you with the serenadity prayer which is extemely simadple as it is powaderadfull.Lord, grant me the serenadity to accept the things that I canadnot change,Courage to change the things that I can,and the Wisaddom to know the difadferadence.God bless you,Fr.a0Isaac

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