19th May, 2009

Synchroblog (Multiple Bloggers Writing at the Same Time) on the Kingdom of God

I haven’t joined a synchroblog in a while because I can’t ever seem to find the time, but given this topic I wanted to link up. I am passionate about the Kingdom of God and I didn’t often hear much about it when I was growing up in church.

Although my time is limited, I point you to three prior posts I’ve written on this subject and to all the other bloggers’ posts in this synchroblog. In short the posts attempt to answer the following three questions:

1. What does Kingdom living look like?
2. What does a Kingdom-minded church look like?
3. What does Kingdom leadership look like?

To summarize those three posts, Kingdom living is living as though God is King. We must listen to His voice and obey it fully. Check out all three posts; they explore the concepts a little more deeply and biblically.

For other writings on Kingdom, check out these other posts!

  • Susan Barnes (Christian currently attending a Baptist church) of Abooklook on My kingdom goes
  • Timothy Victor (Christian) of Tim Victor’s Musings on The reign of
  • Ronald van der Bergh (Dutch Reformed) of Ronalds Footnotes on Notes on “the Kingdom of God” in
    the New Testament
  • Nic Paton (fundamentalist, charismatic, liberationist, apophatic, heterodox) of soundandsilence on The “Kingdom”: of God?
  • Beth Patterson (Non churched follower of Christ) of Virtual Tea House on What it’s like rather than what it is
  • Jeff Goins (Non-denominational Christian) of Pilgrimage of the Heart on The Kingdom of God: Now and Not Yet
  • Phil Wyman (Non-denominational Christian) of Square No More on Jesus as the Archetype Shaman (Part 2): A Nostalgia for Paradise
  • Stephen Hayes (Orthodox Christian) of Khanya on Kingdom, power and
  • Matt Stone of Glocal Christianity on The Only Christian Nation is the Kingdom of God
  • Liz Dyer of Grace Rules on The Kingdom of God is at Hand
  • Responses

    Thanks for posting the list, Bryan! Hope you join in the fray again soon!

    Kingdom living is living as though God is King
    Yes, I agree.

    I enjoyed all three of your posts and appreciate the way you are challenging the status quo. For sure some of your ideas sound risky — but then God has been known to be a risk taker himself – handing out love, free will and mercy the way he does:>)

    Liz’s last blog post..The Kingdom of God Is At Hand

    Thanks everyone for your contributions. It was edifying to read the different posts in this synchroblog.

    “Gideon doesn’t have to set himself up as senior pastor, king, or any such thing. Rather, he leads by pointing the people to the One who is King.” YES! Thanks for these – especially the one of leadership – it’s cool water to this thirsty Christian!

    Thank you, Ellen, for your kind and encouraging words.

    […] Bryan Riley (nondenominational follower of Jesus and YWAMer) of Charis Shalom on Multiple Bloggers on the Kingdom of God […]

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