29th May, 2009

Marriage and Missions – A Match Made in Heaven

Are you married or have you ever been married? If you have, then you have experienced something that helped prepare you for the work of a missionary. The cultural experience of the first time you spend extended time in your in-laws home, the mixing of cultures in your own home between you and your spouse, and the blending of families by marriage with your spouse’s brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, nephews, and the like presents all the difficulties one can experience when crossing into another country’s culture.

Sure, you generally don’t have the language barriers you might face in a foreign country (although that isn’t entirely a given if a Southerner finds him- or herself with inlaws from a place like Boston), but you do discover that not every family cooks the same way, eats the same way, dresses the same way, believes the same things, watches the same movies, reads the same books, likes the same sports team or same forms of entertainment, and so many other things. Clean doesn’t mean clean; dirty may not mean dirty; spicy may not mean spicy; the list ends not.

So, this is a shout out to everyone who has gone through the blending of families. You may not think you have experienced much that would prepare you to go to another country to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, but if you have been through all that a marriage brings with it, and you desire to follow Jesus wherever HE leads, I’d say you are more than ready to take a leap into cross-cultural missions. You’ve had to learn reconciliation and peacemaking. You’ve committed to relationship. Combine that with the ministry of reconciliation God has given you to the world and you’ve got a match made in Heaven. 2 Corinthians 5:14-21.

As Jesus once said, “Go” for it.


I’m sorry for using your website inappropriately, but I’m in Kailua Kona tonight and I don’t have your contact information. I wasn’t planning to stay tonight but I didn’t feel like driving back across the island tonight to KMC where our primary lodging is located. I am currently in King Kamehameha Beach Hotel on Palani. Our room number is 319. If you receive this before 0830 tomorrow please give us a call. We don’t have a cell phone.

Daren, anytime the website can be a place to reconnect with old friends it is being used in the most appropriate of ways! It was great seeing you guys today! What a fantastic surprise.

Now I understand why I seemed to fit in so well in the mission field and why it was easy for me to lead the first of many short term trips. My wife has seven siblings and her mother has lived with us for the past 15 years. Her family has two, count em – two, family reunions every year.

Once again Bryan, your wisdom astounds me.

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