6th May, 2009

An Hour in the Life at the University of the Nations

I woke up at 4:55 a.m. this morning to walk over to the prayer room on campus. Some of the leaders of the prayer ministry here planned a weekly Wedesday morning intercession time at 5 a.m. The focus of the prayer time is to pray about abortion.

Everything about the time of prayer was phenomenal. The leader told us they had begun this time several weeks ago because Wednesday is the day Planned Parenthood performs abortion services locally. Throughout our time of prayer he played the keyboard and often sang prayers over all of us. Individuals would read from scripture and pray as they felt led by the Father. Beautiful prayers for justice, light, truth, and love in the area of abortion filled the room, combined with singing and a variety of forms of amens.

Out of this intercession there is a desire to begin a ministry – a Hope Has a Heartbeat – that will pray and act to end the injustice of abortion. I love that. A group of about three men began praying about the issue. Out of that, God’s heart is being revealed to begin a ministry that will work to bring Kingdom into this arena. That is a sample of the types of things happening all the time here at the University of the Nations.

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