29th Apr, 2009

The End of the Road

Ahhhh, no more driving for a while.

I am writing this post because several people asked me for an update about our trip across the Western United States.

The boys are in the pool at the LAX Travelodge. Nothing about a motel matters when you are a boy under 12 except that it has a pool. I had forgotten. It’s good to remember.

We drove over 1600 miles once you add in the extra mileage around Los Angeles and the Petrified Forest National Park. Just about 2 hours ago I delivered our Jeep Grand Cherokee to Matson Transport at Port Long Beach. I hired a sedan to pick us up and transport us to our motel. We can now relax for a while because our flight isn’t until tomorrow evening. I personally just want to get one good night’s sleep before I hop on the 7 hour flight to Hawaii.

Where do I begin? We truly have had a grand time. In short, we stayed our first night in Amarillo, Texas; night two took place in Flagstaff, Arizona; the third night was in Kingman, Arizona; last night was in Long Beach, California at the Hotel Queen Mary; and, finally, we will sleep tonight in Los Angeles.

For the rest, well, pictures are much better than words. I will say this – thank you, Dad, for enabling us to ride the Grand Canyon Rail from Williams, Arizona to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. My dad served in Transportation for the United States Army for 20 years and ran a train during the Vietnam War.

I also wanted to let David Owen, our good friend from Royal Leimington Spa in England, know that we took that train line as he has a great fondness for trains and he went with us the first time our children ever rode a train.

We love and miss you Mommy and Regan!!!! We can’t wait to see you in Kona!!!


it was a realy fun trip dad. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I am so proud you guys made it without me!!!! How cute are you in those nice shots Daddy took?!
I almost feel like I was there! Now why did I think it would be okay to let you go while I packed up the house??? I’m glad it was fun and you are safe! See you soon!

Um, Tara, you just posted as me. πŸ™‚ I think it is some how saved that way on your parents’ computer.

Thanks for finishing the “few” details after we left. πŸ™‚

Great Pics, Bryan – especially appreciate the train comments; my Dad, also, drove a train – during WWII. May he rest in peace.

Michael – I had no idea we shared that in common. That is amazing. Thanks for commenting!

uh, one thing is missing – California road sign? πŸ™‚

No Oklahoma sign because I didn’t think to do it then and no California sign because there was no big sign on I-40 and the one sign that was there was on a bridge.

I’m so laughing now at the random guy with the kid on his back in the pic by the train. I would cut it but then you wouldn’t see all of the words “Grand Canyon.”

Now that’s sad – I didn’t even consider Oklahoma as sign/photo-worthy. J’suis desole, mes amis Okies. πŸ™‚

Great pics nonethless. Enjoy the sounds of jets landing through the evening. The LAX TravelLodge will provide a symphony of thereof. (Yea, I know where that is…)
Bon Nuit, e Dieu vous bΓ©nisse

Bryan, Tanner and Keaton – great pictures and very touching about your dad. Brings back memories when I took a Greyhound from NYC to LA and stopped off at the Grand Canyon. Nice idea to have the boys in each of the stateline photos – can you go for all 50 ?!!

Love to you all,


GREAT pics! And some very cool memories have just been born. Keep keeping us posted…

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