8th Mar, 2009

Prophetic Warning from David Wilkerson

What do you think of this? Click here to see David Wilkerson’s blogpost about a vision he has of an imminent catastrophe. David Wilkerson is a famous pastor in New York City and the author of the Cross and the Switchblade. His vision includes that of fires raging through New York City and other major metropolitan areas.

I found the blogpost from a link on the Drudge Report to a World Net Daily article about it. There, Wiley Drake, a Vice President of the Southern Baptist Convention in 2006, is quoted as saying, “I have known David Wilkerson for more than 25 years as well as many of his friends and associates. He is a godly man and I believe he is listening to God. I encourage each Christian to read and heed what God is saying through our brother.”

Other headlines included such “good news” articles as warnings from North Korea about war, warnings from Israel about Iran achieving nuclear readiness, and a report from the world bank that the economy is even worse than anticipated.

What do you think??


could it happen? Sure. I’m very uncomfortable when someone gets a “word” from God. If it lines up with Scripture, then OK but there are a lot of crazy people out there saying strange things.

I know he is a man of God but I struggle with this concept. National Repentance? How does that look? How many people have to repent in the nation before God withdraws his hand? People are saying God is judging America. But could it be that our own sins have just caught up with us. Sin has a cycle and greed has a price tag. So if God is judging America and pouring out His Wrath then what about the Christians living in NYC? Will none of them experience any danger? If it is God’s Wrath the bible says we are saved from the Wrath of God to come? So how does this theology flesh out? What percentage of America must repent before God’s Wrath is appeased? John said that those who do not believe in Jesus the wrath of God remains on them. Paul says they are storing up wrath for the day of wrath. There is a day of Wrath when God will judge mankind for his rejection of Christ and his sin. But why New York? Is New York God’s new Israel? Is New York a Theocracy?

What about the Christians in persecuted countries like Orissa India where whole villages were wiped out by rioting mobs of Hindu’s? Why didn’t God send them a warning? Are they not God’s Children or is God more favorable to American Christians?

I will prophecy right now I IT WILL COME TO PASS. Today Children will be molested, Riots will happen somewhere in the world, Murder, rape, suicide etc will happen this week. But that is simply the way the world has been since Cain killed Able. The bible says men will grow from bad to worse. Evil times will come. violence will be the norm.

To listen to a man, though he is a godly man, and altar your whole lifestyle and start storing up food seems a bit extreme. Doesn’t anyone else have a relationship with God? Or is it only those who are deep and mystical that hear from God. Those who by their own efforts have earned the right to hear from the Holy Spirit? Sounds a bit Gnostic to me. We are all saved by Grace and can never merit God’s Mercy, Grace, Acceptance. Jesus paid it all. We all have the same access to the Throne of Grace that David Wilkerson has. Let’s get in our closets and ask God if these things are true.

I do not think that God has Prophets as he did in the OT anymore because we as believers all have the Spirit of Christ in us and the Spirit of Christ is the Spirit of Prophecy.

First, a response to the above comment: re India: Have you never heard of Martyrs?
second: we must check and examine our hearts and spirits over ANY words spoken by man, to find or not the Spirit of God behind them.

Here is what I think:
Fear is our enemy, but we must always fight it first in our minds. Fear is the ‘Stick’ of the enemy in it’s ‘Carrot and Stick’ scenario. However, Wisdom is not Fear. We cannot hear the leading or voice of the Holy Spirit when Fear is large in us. Therefore, AFTER we have conquered the attack of Fear, THEN we can pray with Wisdom and FOR Wisdom from the Holy Spirit about what our individual response should be to this warning Message from God. Pastor Wilkerson has been consistent over the years in the messages God has given him, even as were the Prophets of old, but his messages have been no more believed or popular than those same Prophets.

The spirit of Comfort has seduced America, including Believers. And the enemy has had freedom, as long as we ‘felt’ Comfortable. There have been many smaller voices crying out Truth, whether in the Church or not, but they have been scoffed at and silenced.

We, as the Church of America, are soft. We do not, as humans, want or like pain or messages of pain, including God’s call to Repentance. The Church itself will be changed, hardened as battle-scarred veterans. All soldiers must experience their first real battle, and how they respond will reveal their character.

It is in fact terrifying to watch events roll on, ever since Hurricane Ike, gathering speed and forcing the reality of fearful change in our nation upon us, and it’s not over. No one believes that it is, whether Believers or Unbelievers. Did you think that the very catastrophe prophesied might be the blessing of God, who is acting in His Holy Righteousness, that will cause MANY to turn to God in tears? This may be the actual Time that has been prophesied for our nation for the greatest RE-vival (Believers) and birth of new Believers that we have ever seen.

First Judgment, then Mercy. Judgment and Mercy kiss. Whether for the individual or the nation, it is the same, and the purpose is God’s Purpose to bring our hearts to Repentance and Salvation at the feet of our Lord Jesus of Nazarath.

I’m a Messianic Jew living in Sodom, California (San Francisco) and I’ve been giving a similar message for over 3 years now.

My message is different as I am foretelling the destruction of San Francisco and LA, the end times Sodom and Gomorrah by fire and brimstone per the prophecy of Messiah Yeshua in Luke 17:28-37.

I believe this will be fulfilled by the eruption of the Yellowstone Caldera.

So this is close to what Pastor Wilkerson is teaching. I believe he has the wrong coast though.

I’d like to invite you to my blog to read the amazing testimony the Lord has given me in my life.


All glory to the Father and His Holy One, Messiah Yeshua!

Baruch HaShem,
Dani’ El


A friend of ours sent this email to us. As a disclaimer, I do not know David Wilkerson personally nor have I read many of his other writings.

That said, I don’t really know what to think about the word. Several things that I ask are, where is Jesus in this word? If there is a call to repentance, is it not the goodness of God that leads to repentance? If this calamity does happen, where is the encouragement to show compassion on those who are affected? Are we supposed to store up food and supplies for just ourselves or to have to give to others who will be without? If others’ sins caused God’s wrath to flow, are they then our enemies? Are they not our neighbors to whom we should show love, compassion, and generosity?

I don’t know. I’m curious as to what your thoughts are, Bryan.

I believe God still gives prophetic gifts so I don’t immediately discount such things as I once might have. God is the same today as He has always been and He continues to gift people in various ways spiritually.

At the same time, there are false prophecies.

We are told to test the spirits.

That often is hard to do, especially when we are reading the cold text of something and not receiving a prophecy in person, but Mary you give some great examples as to how we can test the spirits. Those questions you list should be on our heart and mind.

I, like you, don’t really know David Wilkerson, but I’ve generally heard good things.

Your prophetic word about being ready to minister in compassion if there is a catastrophe is what must be called for. That is our call every day. To love and give and sacrifice.

I know it had a context but 2 Chronicles 7:14 is a principle that I believe applies across time and cultures. So, where Steve above asks about national repentance, I say it is something the Body of Christ must do.

My opinion is that I am not going to do anything differently because of this word. I am going to continue to seek first God’s Kingdom and His righteousness, make disciples, and prayerfully become more like Jesus. As I do that, no matter what the physical world does around me, I believe more and more of His Kingdom will exist in my life and I will be more equipped to love others as He does. I hope that God can then use me to disciple others to do the same.

Thank you, everyone, for commenting. I definitely have enjoyed the conversation. Let’s all keep praying as we were taught – Father, your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth just as it is in Heaven!

I’m still processing much of this as it’s recent news to me, but the following thoughts come right away, for what they’re worth:
1) When Jesus spoke to the churches in Revelation, while he praised them for the good, he also called them to task for their areas of lack. He told at least one, if not more (I don’t have my Bible with me right now) that if they didn’t shape up, he would remove their lampstand. His blessing was promised if they endured to the end, AND repented and turned from their areas of sin as a church. While apparently all these churches were vital ones at the time of John’s writing, my understanding is that there isn’t much of a witness for Christ in any of those areas any more. Sure seems like a judgment to me.

2) Joseph was used by God to warn and prepare people for the upcoming famine. God didn’t speak to every follower of his- He only spoke thru the Ruler’s dream, who wasn’t even a follower of God, which was then interpreted by one of God’s servants. Because the Ruler took it seriously and asked Joseph to implement his plan, the people were saved. If he hadn’t taken it seriously and prepared, they wouldn’t have been.

3) While I didn’t see all of the prophecies addressed where Wilkerson has been wrong, one said to be wrong spoke of the market crashing and never recovering. While the year might have been off, it sure seems it could be likely true now. (Perhaps the delay was due to prayer and God’s grace of delay- Bill Bright called many to a 40 day season of fasting and prayer for our nation) The market crash now seems ripe for “non-recovery” for a variety of reasons. Add to that our foolishness in trying to apply a quick recovery to stimulate our economy that isn’t well planned or established on Biblical truth or principles- trouble!

4) Proverbs speaks of how people are foolish when they see signs of impending trouble but do nothing to prepare for it.

Looking at the increasing birth pangs- evil being called good, and good evil, the increasing worldwide acceptance of homosexuality, the increasing of the on the world’s hands in abortion, the ever-increasing number of disasters, the loss of integrity and trust of our businesses here in America that stems from thumbing our noses at God’s standards and personal greed, the increasing moral crisis and the financial toll that’s taking alone on our nation- plus it’s affect on the world as a whole, etc, etc, make it easy for me to see End Times fingerprints all over the daily news.

Add to that, knowing that God is solely the reason we’ve been blest, endured and survived as a nation, and how we’re seriously rejecting him- increasingly so since the early 60’s- and seeing the pattern God applies to situations like that throughout the Bible and history, it’s not hard for me to believe the prophecy is likely true as part of a series of judgments where God has been trying to get our attention as a nation. Pride, whether in a person or a nation, is guaranteed by God to bring a fall. We’re falling. Plus, there’s no mention of us in Revelation. If God mentioned Cyrus by name so long before he was even born, I don’t think he’d not have mentioned us just because we weren’t on the scene as a nation yet. Plus, there are several who have foretold a crisis coming to America economically just based on sound understanding of Biblical principles and our violation of them as a nation. Choices have consequences. So, it’s not hard to think of reasons God would bring increasing judgment on us through a variety of means.

Anyway!…Personally, I’d rather be prepared and not need it, than regret it. Even our government has been trying for years now to get us to prepare for disaster with preparedness kits and emergency plans. They know more about threats against us than we do… Plus, the extra can either still be used, or donated to charity if it is a false alarm…I, for one, am going to prepare, pray for our nation, and hope we won’t need it.

May the Lord be gracious, give time to prepare, and use whatever is in store for us as a nation in the days and years ahead to bring people to Jesus in repentance and dependence. May we not be asleep at our posts, and may He be glorified and His name praised.

David Wilkerson is a true prophet of the Lord and he has spoken the wprd of the Lord in that prophetic word. Here is more of what is about to happen in this country.

Monday, March 16, 2009
Destruction of the USA

My name is Clifford Hilbert and God appointed me a watchman. He even chose my name for me before I was born. I am a watchman who stands on the edge of the cliff watching the fording place in the river, so that when I see the enemy coming I can warn the people. Standing there watching requires long periods of forced isolation, idleness, unbelievable boredom and great patience – the exact opposite of who and what I am. But that is what God chose for me and all I can do is obey. I have been watching for many years and now see the enemy coming. It is time to blow the trumpet in Zion and sound the alarm.

For years biblical scholars have been trying to figure out where the USA, the most powerful nation that has ever existed, fits into the endtime scenarios. No one has yet come up with the correct answer. Why? Because the USA will not be a factor in the last days. It will not exist in the form it does today. God is on the verge of destroying this nation.

Why? Because we have been filled with pride thinking that we created this great nation and that we are the ones responsible for the great abundance we have here. We, as a nation, have failed to realize that it is God who created this nation and God who has blessed us with such abundance, that it is He who has prospered us.

We, as a nation, have turned completely away from the Lord and gone our own prideful, arrogant, sinful and decadent ways. Materialism has become our god. Money has become our god. Our own fleshly desires have become our god. Our powerful weapons have become our source of faith, instead of God. “In God we trust”, the symbol which is on own currency, is a lie.

For Christians, their big new church buildings have become their gods. Their “rights in Jesus” have become their gods. Their “faith” has become their god. The Pentecostals and charasmatics are proud of what they think are their spiritual gifts, and they use these gifts with pride and arrogance against their other brothers and sisters in Christ. They fall for every wind and wave of doctrine that comes along, and have no firm foundation to stand on. They believe that they are the ones who cause prosperity and health by their words. They have taken God out of the equation and consider themselves as gods who make everything happen by themselves. They have forgotten that the greatest gift of all is love, something they have very, very little of.

The Baptists are proud that they are “once saved, always saved” — even though Paul “worked out his salvation with fear and trembling”, and the Lord told the church at Laodecia (a church, people who thought that they were all saved) “I wish that you were hot or cold. But because you are neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth!”

The Bible churches are proud that they alone know the real truth. Their pastors are all cemetery-trained and they know the Bible inside and out. They have dissected all the words and passages and can tell you the Greek and Hebrew meanings of everything in the Bible. They have discussed ten million times whether Jesus was fully human and/or fully divine. They know all the stories in the Bible, but they know nothing of the Living Word of God. There is no anointing in their sermons and the Word they teach is not “active and alive, and sharper than any two-edged sword” – it is dead , as are their hearts.

The Catholics are proud that their religion is the “only true religion”. They worship more false gods than the Greeks did — Mary and all the other dead people, the “saints”. They have made Mary part of the Godhead believing they need her to intercede for us with Jesus. The Trinity is now Father, Son and Blessed Mother. They believe that Mary has appeared all over the world and they worship the spots where there has been an apparition, even images on pieces of toast. I believe that there have been appearances at those spots – but no one has ever explained to them that Satan comes as an angel of light (a beautiful woman masquerading as the “Mother of God”) who performs great and mighty miracles that would deceive even the very elect, if that were possible. Satan has gotten what he wanted, the Catholics worship him instead of Jesus. His servants also come as angels of light, and masquerade as servants of righteousness. The priests are blind and consider themselves as little gods – unfortunately, too many of these “little gods” are child molesters. The Catholic Church conveniently shoves aside the Biblical requirement that priests must be from the tribe of Levi.

Methodists and Episcopalians are ordaining homosexual and lesbian ministers and priests. They are teaching that these abominable lifestyles are acceptable.

The churches worship their pastors as if they were gods and kings, and the pastors are filled with arrogance and pride. They want to build bigger churches so that they can have larger congregations that will inflate their egos even more. The shepherds have no idea what the word “shepherd” really means. They lift themselves up as great authorities, yet they have never learned that they are servants of the people. I have not yet met a pastor of any denomination who went out and sought a sheep that left his flock.

The pastors teach their flocks that “God is a good God, He doesn’t want you to suffer”, in direct contradiction to what the Bible says. The New Testament talks about suffering a lot more than it mentions blessings and prosperity. But that’s not “positive confession”, so they throw that aside. They teach them that “God’s promises are all for you. He wants to give you the desires of your heart. He wants you to prosper and be in good health. If you just have enough faith, you can claim your rights in Jesus and have everything you have ever desired.” No one teaches that Paul’s testimony was that he was hungry, thirsty, homeless, in rags, poorly treated, beaten and in chains. No one teaches what Jesus instructed them to do “Sell what you have, give to the poor and come, follow Me.” “He that does not give up everything he has, cannot be my disciple.” “Share in the fellowship of His sufferings” Claim those as your “rights in Jesus”!!!

No one teaches about the Beatitudes that Jesus spoke of in the sermon on the mount — “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.
Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.
Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.
Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.
Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.
Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.”

No one teaches the whole truth, just the parts of it that “tickle men’s ears”, just the “feel good” gospel of the carnal.

The religious TV networks (I refuse to call them “Christian”) are filled with thieves, liars, charlatans and false prophets who are out to build great masses of worshippers for themselves. They steal from the widows, the poor, the hurting, the wounded, the hopeless and the desperate. They are nothing but a bunch of antichrists. And people look to them as gods who can do no wrong. There is no discernment in the Body of Christ today! The so-called “Body of Christ” in this country is corrupt beyond measure.

These are only a few of the many reasons that God is coming to destroy this nation and severely test the faith of most. Most “Christians” will fail the test and their names will not be written in the Book of Life. A great apostasy of the faith is about to happen in this country. Many will be imprisoned, tortured, sawn in two and put to death because of their faith — only he that endures to the end will be saved. Most who read this will not be saved.

The USA itself is worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, in every way. Not only do we kill millions of innocent, unborn children in this country every year, but now that Obama is President, we will be paying for the murders of millions of unborn babies in other countries. Obama wants to pass legislation that will force all hospitals, including Catholic hospitals, to perform abortions on demand, regardless of the term of pregnancy or the age of the female. Homosexual marriage is something that the Obama administration wants legalized. The abortionists and the homosexuals “parade their sins in the streets”, and people are there to cheer them on, the nations leaders being among them.

Greed is rampant in all parts of society and in every organization in this nation, especially the churches. Our nation’s capitol, Washington, D.C. is the most corrupt city in America, and our politicians are wicked beyond measure. Arrogance, pride, contempt, crime and greed are hallmarks of our nation’s capitol. We are proud of all the great buildings that form our cities, all the money that is made in them, and all the materialism that exists in them. Drugs have invaded every part of our society. Morals no longer exist in the USA. Good is now called evil, and evil is now called good.

When this country elected Barak Hussein Obama as President, God said “ENOUGH!!”

“You wanted leaders after your own hearts, so I’ve given them to you. I’ve given you the most corrupt, arrogant and deceitful President and administration in the history of your country. They will lead your country into the worst decadence and depravity it has ever known.

“My people have been waiting for signs and wonders for years and years, waiting for me to do great and mighty things. I already have, but no one was paying any attention. My ways are not your ways and My thoughts are not your thoughts. As far as the sun is from the moon are My thoughts higher than your thoughts and My ways higher than your ways. I sent the Great Depression to warn you that you were becoming too focused on wealth and greed. Few listened. I sent the planes into the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001 to warn you that your pride, arrogance and lust for power and money had gone too far. Few listened. I sent Hurricane Katrina in 2005 to warn you about your sexual and spiritual decadence and depravity that has become an abomination reaching to the heavens. Few listened.

So now I will destroy your proud, arrogant, greedy, depraved and decadent nation and churches. You would not humble yourselves before me and turn from your wicked and evil ways. So now, I the Lord your God will force you to your knees, literally. My judgment upon you is coming much quicker than any ever expected. It will be total and complete. Never again will you stand proud and tall as a nation. Never again will you exalt yourselves above Me”.

First will come the economic collapse of this nation, because money has become what you worship, not the Lord. Another watchman, John Johnston (http://www.unitedstatesprophecy.com/) saw that when Fidel Castro dies, then will come the complete and total collapse of our economy. Why God set it up that way, I have no idea. I just know that He did and that John is correct. You are seeing just the beginning of that in the last few months of 2008 and the first few months of 2009. That is just the very beginning. It will get much, much worse — the complete and total economic collapse of this nation. The worst is yet to come.

Back in 1986 I was driving through the Dakotas and pulled up to see Mt. Rushmore. As I pulled the car into the parking lot I suddenly saw Mt. Rushmore come tumbling down. Until March 3, 2009, I didn’t know what this meant. Now I do. Spiritually, this means that God will not let those men who built this country upon Godly morals and principles see His destruction of the nation they so dearly loved. Physically, it is His warning to flee the cities and not look back. Pray that you are not with child then, because the worst is still to come.

Immediately following the fall of Mt. Rushmore there will be major solar storms (expected by astronomers in 2011-2012) that will cause catastrophic electrical, electronic and communication failures in many areas of the USA and the world. This happened in Quebec some years ago and all power was lost for days, even weeks. All power will be lost in many major cities, including New York City. Complete power grids will shut down, affecting large areas of the country. When this happens gangs will run rampant all over the cities that are affected. They will loot, rape, rob, steal and kill like never before. There will be fires all over which will not be possible to put out because there will be no power to run the water pumping stations, and the looters will shoot the fireman who try to put the fires out. The crime wave in New Orleans after Katrina was nothing compared to what is about to happen. It will be complete civil chaos that the police and National Guard will not be able to stop. People will be leaving these cities by the hundreds of thousands to escape the violence. The USA will be paralyzed. The worst is still to come.

On that same trip in 1986 I was driving through Granite Falls, MN and stopped to eat dinner and spend the night at the home of some friends’ parents. After dinner I was talking a walk in the neighborhood (which was out in the country) and glanced upon some huge grain silos. All of a sudden I saw these silos explode! I knew that the Lord was telling me that our vast supply of food in this country would suddenly disappear. Since then I have learned that the temperatures in these silos are closely monitored to prevent static electrical buildup, among other things. With no electricity, these silos will explode. With no electricity, our refrigerated foods will go bad. With no electricity, our food processing plants will not function. Will no electricity, our processed seafood and meats will quickly spoil. With no electricity, our water purification plants will not be able to operate. Without electricity, most people will not be able to cook. The solar storms will cause the electricity in many areas of our country to be off for weeks and even months. Our food supply will suddenly be gone. There will be great famine all over the country.
http://www.timothybirdnow.com/?p=1596 . The worst is yet to come.

Back in 1984 I was listening to a Christian radio station when a guy began to prophecy. I remember him saying “.. and though the President seems to be a good man, he will bow his knees in surrender to the Russians”.

While the country is in complete and utter chaos like we’ve never known before, the Russians will then unleash a nuclear attack upon us from submarines off our coasts. Impact will come only seven minutes from launch. This will destroy a number of major cities. See John Johnston’s: “www.unitedstatesprophecy.com/russia_invades_america.html” for more specifics. God will judge us for the pride we take in these great monuments (i.e. skyscrapers) that our hands have built, and the materialism we worship. President Obama will not retaliate, but will bow his knees in surrender to the Russians. They will come and enslave our people and rape the resources and the women of this country. This is how quickly this will be upon us. The worst is yet to come.

Back in 1993 there was a prophet in Dallas who had a vision of all three seaboards of this country being hit by tidal waves of 200-300′. In 1994 I was visiting a friend who lived on a small river near Baton Rouge, La. We were outside sitting on chairs on the lawn when suddenly I saw this huge 30-60′ wall of dirty water come rushing over the property. This was over 100 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico!

John Johnston has also seen a huge tidal wave hitting the East Coast and knocking down the tall buildings like dominos. “I went into a deep sleep and had a dream I was on the boardwalk in Virginia Beach. It was night time and I think it was about 2:00 am. I put my foot up on the railing and was looking out over the ocean. There was what looked like a full moon on the horizon. I noticed just underneath the moon was a giant black wall on the horizon. The moon was reflecting white caps off the wall. As I stood there looking out into the Atlantic Ocean I realized that the white caps are from a massive tidal wave heading to shore. It was about 300 feet high. I felt the realization that it was too late to warn the people and the dream ended.

“In the fall of the following year, 2006 I had the same dream again.

“In January 2008, I had the same dream except this time I started running to people’s houses to wake them up and warn them, but it was too late.”

Revelation 18: 21 “Then a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone and threw it into the sea, saying, “Thus with violence the great city Babylon shall be thrown down, and shall not be found anymore.”

On March 2, 2009 an asteroid passed within 40,000 miles of Earth. That may seem like a lot, but it is within the moon’s orbit of earth and just twice the distance from Earth as some of our communications satellites. What will happen when an asteroid hits our planet? Remember the Star called Wormwood which the angel threw into the sea? That could cause tidal waves like the ones which will hit our coastlines. It would also be hot enough to make the seas turn red like blood.

The destruction from these tidal waves will be beyond human description. The death toll will be in the tens of millions. Why? To destroy the vile, abominable and detestable sexual and spiritual practices which flood this country. Several months after Katrina there was a Decadence Day parade held in New Orleans, an annual event. Mardi Gras, which is approved of by the Catholic Church, is nothing but a huge pagan festival. All the different parades are named after different Greek gods and goddesses — Bacchus, Endymion, Venus, Proteus, etc. The floats move down the streets and the people are all raising their hands, waving them, shouting “Throw me something mister!”, to the maskers on the floats. Spiritually they are worshipping the gods of the floats. The next day they go to mass and get the ashes on their heads to start the beginning of Lent. They party like the heathens they are, then go for “absolution and forgiveness” the next day. I am a former Catholic, originally from New Orleans, so I speak from personal, first-hand experience.

God has had enough!!

In 1995 while on my way to Phoenix, I spent the night with an older couple in Benson, AZ. I remember Enoch telling me that the Lord had told his church in Benson that there were members of that church then, in 1995, who would be martyred in front of the church for their faith. The Sunday after 9/11/2001 I went to a little church in Lindale, TX for the first time. Before the service, I remember seeing some little children playing in the aisles, just running around having a good time. The Lord told me that these very children would be running for their lives because of their faith, in this country. John Johnston (www.unitedstatesprophecy.com) has seen visions of foreign soldiers destroying churches in this country and executing the congregations in front of those churches.

That is when many will fall away from the Lord, part of the great apostasy of the faith. Many who have been deceived and brainwashed into believing the “faith” foolishness that is being taught by people like Kenneth Copeland, Pat Robertson, Benny Hinn, Robert Tilton, Rod Parsley, Mike Murdock, John Hagee, Joyce Meyer, Marilyn Hickey, Creflo Dollar, T.D. Jakes, Joel Osteen, James Robinson, Jimmy Swaggart and the like, will be “confessing the Word”, “claiming their rights in Jesus”, demanding that God honor His Word, but will find out that it doesn’t work like they’ve been taught it should. They will not have wealth, they will not have jobs, they will not have homes, they will not have their health and they will not have much to eat. They will be hungry, thirsty, homeless, in rags, poorly treated, in chains and they will fall away from the faith because they will say “God doesn’t honor His word, therefore He is a liar and I want nothing to with Him”. These sheep have believed the lies that their shepherds taught them. Their blood will be upon the hands of their shepherds. They listened to teachers who “tickled their ears”, because that is what they wanted to hear and believe.

The Bible is God’s word which He uses to accomplish that which He pleases and purposes — not what we please and purpose.

During the coming disasters that God will send upon this country, He will also give some of us hope and peace. He has been setting up places of refuge across this country where Christians will find safe harbor from the catastrophes unleashed upon America. In 1996 I lived in Phoenix for several months and traveled around Arizona some. I was visiting someone in Oracle, AZ and the Lord impressed upon me that this would be a city of refuge in the future. He also showed me that the mountains of Prescott, AZ would be another place of refuge – there are several large Christian camps up there. Lindale, TX (just north of Tyler) will be another city of refuge. I’m certain that there will be other cities of refuge that the Lord has set up.

In these places Christians will live together and provide for one another. We will grow our own food, raise our own livestock. We will not be dependent upon the government for anything, because the government will be trying to find us and kill us, just as John Johnston saw in his vision:

“During the same time as the vision about the state of Florida in July of 1995, God gave me a vision of a massive army coming down on America. He said, “John, I am going to allow the enemies of the United States to judge America. When America’s enemies come they will have no mercy on the men, women and children. I saw troop movement and they appeared to be Communist Chinese and Russian troops coming into the United States. As they came in, America was no match. I saw churches and synagogues were being leveled by heavy artillery. As the churches were being blown up I saw Jews and Christians being herded up and shot like cattle in front of their churches and homes. I saw the troops killing children and infants with their bayonets. I saw the American people tormented beyond imagination. The troops were void of emotions. Their objective is to take the nation and take it hands down. All able bodied working people will be forced into slave labor. Some will be taken to other countries and some left here. The soldier’s main objective was to kill all Jews and Christians. As I am seeing all this horror I asked, “Lord, what is happening?” He said, “Because of the wickedness of the United States of America I am allowing her enemies to invade her lands.” God ended the vision.

“The enemies of America are supernaturally being drawn together. When they come, they are going to catch the nation completely by surprise. Great is going to be her destruction and torment. This judgment is coming soon! The American people, Christians and non-Christians do not believe that God has fiery indignation that will be poured out. The great day of darkness is quickly coming upon the whole world, the day of God’s wrath and judgment.”

These places of refuge will not be fancy, they will not be very comfortable for many. They will not have all the luxuries and conveniences that we are used to. We will not have as much to eat as we are used to. Some places might not have running water and electricity. We will have to learn to do with much less than we are used to. They will not have much in the way of medical facilities. But God will provide the basic necessities of life for us.

Years ago there was a TV miniseries entitled “Amerika”, about a Russian takeover of this country. In there was a scene I remember very, very distinctly. A man was helping another man escape the Russians, and they were going through an underground passageway, when suddenly they came upon this large underground room. In the room were a number of Christians singing and praising the Lord. The escapee asked his friend “How can they be happy when there is so much trouble?” His friend replied “Because we know the Lord is doing this and why, and He is in control.” That peace and joy is what will sustain us during those times which are almost upon us.

A couple of miscellaneous things. The “great mountain thrown into the sea” mentioned in Revelation is Mount Fuji in Japan. It will erupt with such force that much of it will be
thrown into the sea. Can you imagine the destruction this will cause? Could the star
called Wormwood hit the seas with such an impact that it would cause Mt. Fuji to erupt?
I don’t know, but it is something to think about.

In 1990 God was showing me something about Mikhail Gorbachev being Russia’s “messiah or savior”. In 2007 Gorbachev founded the “Union of Social Democrats”, and is their leader. The party has its roots in the former Social Democratic Party of Russia. His newly formed party skipped the 2007 general election in order to concentrate on its ultimate goal which is to become a mass political party by 2011. He will run against Putin in 2012 and he will win. The people will look to him as their messiah, especially when he unleashes a nuclear attack upon our nation and Barak Hussein Obama surrenders the USA to him.

How should you prepare for the coming catastrophes which are almost upon us? Pray, pray and pray. Ask the Lord to show you how each one of you individually should begin to prepare. Don’t listen to the fools on the religious channels, because they will have no idea what to do, even though they will claim to. The best thing you can do, next to praying, is to turn off your televisions, turn off all the CDs and tapes you have that were written about the Bible, quit going to all those conferences about the Bible, quit reading all those books about the Bible, take your Bible and begin at Genesis and start reading. Read it during every spare minute you have — if you’ll turn off your televisions you’ll be surprised at all the extra time you have to read the Bible. Read the Bible from beginning to end, over and over and over. Don’t go looking for things in it to confirm what you think you know, just read it. Yes, it will be hard and it will be very boring. But that is the only way to learn what God wants you, specifically, to learn. Turn off the radios in your vehicles and put on CDs of someone reading the Bible. That’s all, just reading it — quit listening to someone teaching you what man wants you to learn, but just listen to the reading of the Word itself and let the Spirit teach you. “For you no longer have need of a teacher, for the Holy Spirit is your teacher.” Quit trying to find someone to feed you the Word, feed yourselves. Babies need to be fed, adults feed themselves. It’s time for you to grow up.

One final warning — all the prayers in the world will not cause God to turn aside from, or delay, what is coming upon this country. Don’t waste your time praying for that. Pray for God to show you what He wants you to do in the next few years in order to last through the trying times ahead. Pray for strength. You will be “tested and tried in the fires of affliction.” Many of you will be martyred during the coming years. Most of you will turn away from the faith and your names will not be found in the Book of Life. “The way to destruction is broad and most enter through it. The gate to eternal life is narrow and few enter it.”

One last thought. What will happen to Israel when it does not have the USA to defend it anymore? We are truly that close to the last days.

Most who read this will reject it and laugh at it. Most will reject me, scorn me, ridicule me and persecute me. I expect that. But the Lord told me many years ago that 95% of what I teach is for 5% of the people. If 5% listen to this message, then I will have done what the Lord sent me to do. My e-mail and post office box addresses are below. If you want to contact me, feel free to do so. However, if you want to criticize this message or tell me that I am not hearing from the Lord, then don’t waste your time because I will simply delete or tear up your correspondence, and you will most certainly not get a response from me. I don’t waste my time on fools. This message is not something that I will defend, argue about or even try to convince you that it is of the Lord. That is not my job. My job is to be the messenger. The message is God’s, not mine. Argue with Him about

E-mail: hilbertcliff@yahoo.com (Do not send anything with attachments, I will not open them)
P.O. Box 831293
Richardson, TX 75083

Dear fellow believers,

I had the following dream of a coming Darkness five years ago. Often, people are ridiculed when they share a prophetic word, even by Christians. I realize also that there are all types of false prophecies everywhere. However, I am convinced that it is a warning from God concerning events that are now in the making and about to fall upon America. I care enough about God’s people to share the warning. The Darkness could refer to the collapse of the economy or a terrible terrorist attack on the nation. I do not know which. In one part of the dream, there were six men dressed in black and riding six black motorcycles. I have wondered for a long time what they symbolized. It could be events or it also could mean years. If it means years, then six years would have elapsed before the Darkness would fall upon the land. The dream occurred in 2004, Six years would make it 2010, which is next year. I do not know if that is the meaning or not but I feel an urgency to warn God’s people to prepare. Prayerfully consider this dream…………..Rev. Michael Edds

by Michael Edds

In the fall of 2004, I had a dream. It was so real and terrifying that I had to get up from my bed. The following is an account of the dream:

“I was visiting my birthplace, a small village in the beautiful Greenbrier Valley of West Virginia. I pulled my car off the road and parked in front of the old Methodist Church. I got out of the car to stretch my legs. The day was absolutely pristine and picture perfect. The sky was cloudless, the sun bright, and the air fresh and crystal clear. I was admiring the beautiful flowers growing in people’s yards. Many were busy working in their yards and gardens on such a gorgeous day. There was such peace and serenity.

I turned and looked toward the southeast. I was astonished at what I saw. A billowing cloud of complete blackness was suddenly approaching the town. It completely blotted out all light and scenery where it advanced and covered. It approached the village limits, which was a river southeast of the community.

I made the comment, “Oh my God, the Darkness has come!” I sensed great evil and danger in it. I looked around to see if anyone else saw what I saw. To my amazement, people were oblivious to the approaching wall of darkness. They were still busy working in their yards and around their homes.

I made the statement, “They do not realize what it will be like when the Darkness comes. All of the sun light, beauty of nature and peace will disappear when the Darkness moves in. Everything in their lives will suddenly and drastically change.”
I turned to get into my car to flee the approaching Darkness. All of a sudden, six motorcyclists drove out of the blackness and across the bridge into the town. I gasped, “The advance guard of the Darkness has arrived!” These riders were on black motorcycles and dressed in black leather from head to toe.

I jumped into my car as they approached. They slowed down as they reached my car and the leader yelled out, “Don’t you dare leave!” I locked my car doors as he approached and floored the gas pedal. My tires squealed as I fled. The motorcyclists pursued me and tried to force me off the road. I swerved into two and caused them to wreck. The rest pursued me for many miles and shot at me.

After some distance, I approached some men working on the road and asked for help or to make a call for me to the police. The cyclist were no longer in sight. I started to get out of the car but heard a voice from above warning me to not to get out of the car but to drive on. Finally, I realized that I was running out of gas and stopped down the road to refuel. I pulled up to a gas station and started refueling. The dream ended with me praying for God’s protection while I refueled.
When I awoke, I was trembling with fear. I got up to settle myself.

The parts of the dream that stood out were:

1. The Darkness suddenly came upon the land.
2. Before it came, all was serene, beautiful and peaceful.
3. No one saw it coming.
4. An advanced guard came into the community first on a reconnaissance mission.
5. The Darkness then moved in and totally blotted out all light and beauty. Life drastically changed for people.
6. I fled for safety.

America is on the threshold of something cataclysmic that will radically change life, as we know it. A wall of Darkness is about to suddenly fall upon this land.

John 14:13 tells us that the Holy Spirit will tell us of things to come. He warns us in advance to prepare us for what is ahead.

Hebrews 11:7 records, “…Noah, being divinely warned of things not yet seen, moved with Godly fear, prepared an ark for the saving of his household….”

An advance guard of this Darkness is already at work. People are living in a false sense of complacent security. I believe that the cup of iniquity is full in America, which will unleash divine judgment upon this nation. Something is about to shatter the hardness of this wicked nation’s heart.

God has revealed to me that a Great Awakening is about to burst forth upon the scene. This Awakening will give America and the world one last chance to repent. Most importantly, it will bring the Bride of Christ together. Historically, Awakenings have preceded calamity. This could happen again. However, the coming Darkness may actually precede the Final Awakening and be the cause of people turning to God, which would bring about the Awakening.

May God’s people listen to the warning of the Holy Spirit and move with Godly fear to the saving of their households and neighborhoods. God desires for us to prepare an ark of safety to which people can flee for refuge when disaster comes. Let us listen and quickly move. Darkness is coming!

Rev. Michael Edds’s last blog post..The Coming Great Awakening in Appalachia

interesting. I am praying about allthis. I have been getting prophetic msgs for l5 years. l5 years ago GOD TOLD ME TO WARN THE JEWS TO LEAVE AND GO TO ISRAEL. I used to warn them and they’d say” that’s crazy its safer here’. when 911 happened He said “tell them NOW”. 911 was the numberf of police, a symbol that they would use it to create a police state, the new world order fascist anti-christ government. Walking around nyc, i heard the word “radical Islam”. But then I went to a meeting of the 911 truthers, who say it was an inside job, and I was standing outside and the holy spirit fell on me and said “to support your prophetic message”. I think he is saying that both are true, because the devil operates that way. he creates a problem and then tries to sell us his solution. THe motto of freemasonry, which is sata–ism at the top level and is behind the new world order, is order out of chaos. Radical islam is the chaos, as is the economic collapse, and the police state is their solution. the used bin laden, a cia operative, as the supposed bad guy to create a boogie man to blame to create the patriot acxt and executive ordres and so forth. Nevertheless, radical islam is also a real threat. On one level it doesnl’t matter who is behind it, because ultimately it was GOd warning the US to repent of idolatry of money. he uses whomever he wants. when the crash happened in 2008 I said “it must be the new world order people” and God said to me “it wasn’t them”. meaning, like the depression, it was HIM. another prophetic note; when 911 happened, and they formed the dept of homeland security, there was a picture of Bush and Tom Ridge in the Boston Globe. They were standing in front of a flag. What appeared in the picture, which I and friends of mine also saw, was not an american flag, but a swastika. Showing us that the spirit behind homeland security is nazism, fascism, antichrist. I knew this was a prophetic warning. The murals at Denver Airport (you can watch a video tittled denver airport-new world order) are also prophetic warnings of who they intend to genocide; blacks, indians, jews and christians. It shows 3 people in coffins; an indian, a black and a girl wearing a jewish star and holding a bible with a cross on it. I have heard that they have brainwashed 30,000 pastors to be willing to tell their flocks to go to the FEMA camps when the time comes. THis is right out of the nazi playbook. That’s what they did to the jews ingermany; the rabbis reassured the jews that they would be safe and not to leave. we all know they were wrong. The christians will need to listen to the holy spirit guiding them, not their leaders. I have written a prophetic book that God had me write l0 years ago about the atheistic mental health system, warning christians and everyone about it. For 50 they have been slandering christians as being mentally ill for hearing voices ” hearing from God and labelling them psychotic and treating them involuntarily. It is unconstitutional. It violates the first amendment for religious freedom. I don’t know if there is time to fight that battle legally or not; but at least on a personal level people need to be warned about that system because they will use healthcare and mental health as concentration camps, which they really are. I know from personal experience. The drugs are torture. Also there are computer microchips in the new healthcare bill. It says they will have a registry of medical devices within 3 years, in pursuance to an FDA reg that calls for implantable transponders for health info and ID. Its on page l00l of the healthcare bill, which nobody read. my book is called MANUAL FOR TRANSFORMATIONAL HEALING-GOD’S ANSWER TO PSYCHIATRY. God told me to put it on my website for free. my website which has other prophetic writing is 1prophetspeaks.com I welcome any feedback. I want to know what others are getting from God. remember what God said in Jeremiah 18; if I say there will be disaster but people repent, I will relent. so a lot of these negative visions may be warnings that are not set in stone, but for the purpose of getting people to repent, like with Jonah and Nineveh. My problem with David Wilkerson’s church is that I don’t understand why they don’t have 24 hour worship and prayer. With all the warnings of judgment he gets, you would think he would see the need for continaul prayer. I heard that right before 911 he called for it, but after 911 they stoppedl That makes no sense. They have homeless people that sleep outside the church all winter. I saw that and said “that is a testimony against them” they should be letting them inside for shelter. God had me write a vision for revival l5 years ago that called for 24 hour worship. We need it to bring revival and avert judgment. Musicians can live inthe churches and pray continaully, like anna the prophetess in Luke 2. I lived in a church for 2 years and played all night. Then I lived in a temple praying for the jews, and one night I started to weep and God said to me “I’m weeping for my people”> I assume he meant because the jews don’t know Jesus. I am a jewish believer. I believe God wants me to tell jews 2 messages; accept jesus and go to israel. I think every beliver should go to Israel because there will be supernatural protection there, at least for certain places in teh south like EDOM. I know one thing is obvious to me; we need to think supernaturally for our needs to get met, for food, money, transportation. God can provide food supernaturally by angels. It has happend to me. We can travel supernaturally by the holy spirit, by fasting and travelling light. This happend to Philip in Acts ch 8 and ezekial ch 3. that avoids needing money and having to deal with airplanes. or buses, trains. etc. My vision for revival is called blueprint for revival on my website at 1prophetspeaks.com prophetess D

The warnings have been going forth but few are heeding. In January, 1994 while standing at a window in a cabin, near an Indian Reservation in Canada, and after ministering at same the day before, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “When you see the horror of the damned, it will compel us to go. When you see the glory of the Lord, it will enpower us to go.” I see colors. I see a rich blue, emerald green and violet. I have seen the full moon encircled by a pure white ball, encircled by a gold ring, then an orange ring and then a red ring. All perfect. No meshing of colors or design. It is not a dream or a vision, I see it in the sky or atmosphere. I don’t know what it means, possibly preparation to see the glory of the Lord. Much to share, maybe for another time. Blessings and the love of Christ. Helen.

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