22nd Feb, 2009

Who Creates Hell?

Hell signI am simply thinking out loud in response to the above question because I haven’t a clue.

I know that “[i]n the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” But who created hell? I believe that God can do all things consistent with His nature and character, but in my simple mind I find hell to be one of those things that seem inconsistent with God.

In fact, it is that inconsistency, in my opinion, that makes hell hell.

Hell would appear to me to be the absence of God. Those who would scream and shout that there is no God are screaming and shouting for hell on earth. While Jesus admonishes us to pray that God’s Kingdom would come to earth, the enemy is deceiving humanity to create hell on earth.

I fully believe in hell. But I am simply writing my stream of consciousness as I continue to consider hell and who creates hell? I’ve read the bible, and perhaps I am forgetting something, but is the creation of hell ever spoken of in the Scripture? I’m seriously asking – if you know, please point it out in a comment.

I have a hypothesis about this. That’s all it is. I haven’t dug deeply into the scripture to test it. I haven’t read any writing by others. I just wonder if hell is created by us – or us in tandem with Satan and his servants.

Here’s what I am thinking, but not preaching as gospel truth: I am suggesting that hell is simply the absence of God. It’s not necessarily any one particular place; it simply is any place where God doesn’t live. When God gave us free will to live for Him or to live for ourselves, He gave us the power to worship Him or to choose to worship ourselves. If during our life on earth we choose to follow our own way and never follow the Way He provided (Jesus), then He lovingly and graciously leaves us to our choice – an eternity without Him. We find ourselves in a place, for all eternity, without the presence of a Loving Creator and Father, alone. In that sense hell is a place we create for ourselves.

Does this make any sense? Is there scripture that would make this all bunk? Is there scripture that would shore it up? What do you think?


I don’t know, either, but if you put all the folks who die non-believing, natural folks never given the spiritual new birth, in one place, what would they make of whatever they’d inherited?

On the other hand, it seems that there would be a place created, by God, as a final resting (?!?) place for satan and his followers. Perhaps that is where those folks not born of the Spirit will go. Matthew 25:41 does refer to that, in fact.

Bob Cleveland’s last blog post..You Pick A Caption

Matthew 25 does talk about a place “prepared for the devil and his angels.” But it doesn’t mention humans as to the prepared eternal fire. I’m not saying they won’t go there – I’m just noting that distinction.

I agree it is hard to imagine that God would creat hell but as you suggest I think the absence of God’s presence would in itself create hell. I quoted a story about how the absence of heat creates cold and the absence of light creates darkness, if you would like to read it click here.

Interesting post…
If I can tag along on Bob’s thought. We occasionally see the fullness of humanity revealed here on earth….and it’s never pretty. What if hell is a place where Satan has his way with no restraints and man is left to indulge in his wicked sinful ways with no grace, mercy or forgiveness. A place full of the absence of God and his qualities….hell.
Thank God I won’t get to find out exactly what it is….now to help others avoid it as well.

Grady Bauer’s last blog post..insight into an atheist

“Matthew 25 does talk about a place “prepared for the devil and his angels.” But it doesn’t mention humans as to the prepared eternal fire. I’m not saying they won’t go there – I’m just noting that distinction.”

Bryan, as I read the passage, it looks like that is exactly where God is sentencing people to. Am I missing something?

John, in verse 41 it specifically says that the eternal fire is “prepared for the devil and his angels.” That is why I wrote what I did. It may be parsing the language too thinly, but it doesn’t say that the fire was prepared for anyone other than the devil and his angels.

If I haven’t been clear enough, this post is not to suggest universalism. It is not a repudiation of hell. The scriptures describe it well, and Jesus teaches about it a lot. I believe in hell – eternal separation from God. In fact, I sometimes wonder if people aren’t already there in this life simply by the choices they make.

No I wasnt suggesting universalism. But the context of the text – at least to me says he is sending these people who didn’t give him a drink of water, who didn’t feed him… etc to this eternal fire. It may not have been made for them, but it sure looks to me like that is where they are headed.

Is eternal seperation the place where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth….and where the fire does not quench?

I will need to research a little, these two thoughts just popped up.

Hell is scary for sure.

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