7th Jan, 2009

Missional Tribe

Missional Tribe LogoSome incredible writers/thinkers/bloggers, and apparently some who have computer skills, have put together a cyber community at a new website called Missional Tribe. It is well done and looks like a fantastic place for learning, listening, writing, sharing, and growing. It just went online this week and already has nearly 200 members.

I’ve joined the community and created a blog there called Finding Jubilee. For those who know, Finding Jubilee are the words that resulted in the “FJ” of FJ Ministries, our non-profit missions agency.

For those who are interested in learning more about current thinking by all sorts of followers of Jesus, it’s worth spending a little time there. And if you’ve always wondered what in the world “missional” means, you can find many different ideas about that term there as well.

Join in the conversation.


Looking forward to conversing and collaborating over there with you.

Here’s to some thoughtful engaging dialogue!

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