7th Nov, 2008

Change.gov – A Great Place for Prayer

The Problem

Over the last few decades, too many American families have worked hard their whole lives only to find that sometimes the game is rigged against them. Too many rungs have been removed from the ladder to middle-class security, and the safety net that’s supposed to break any falls has grown badly frayed. Many families face increased anxiety when it comes to paying medical bills or balancing their home and work life or finding ways to send their children to college. At the same time, others have tumbled into poverty, watching jobs disappear, and the chances for their children’s success slip further and further away.

Providing these families with the same chances that previous generations have had is a daunting challenge, but it is certainly one we can meet. Barack Obama and Joe Biden will bring the much needed leadership and vision to Washington to finally restore the promise of the American Dream to all American families.

The above is taken from President-Elect Barack Obama’s new website, Change.gov, where he presents his Presidential agenda. This particular quote can be found on his agenda page regarding Family. As I read through the entire page I realized that he sees the problem for families as being entirely about money. The entire page reflects a faith in the Almighty Dollar. There is no “in God we trust,” it is simply a commitment to compensation as the solution for all of a family’s ills.

This worries me. Some of the most irresponsible and troubled families one can witness have few, if any, economic problems. It normally isn’t the rich and famous who have a history of strong familial ties and unbroken relationships. Money isn’t the super glue of marriage and family.

I think the website President-Elect Obama has put together is a great idea! He is putting forward some of his agenda and, importantly, asking for input from us, the People. You can go to the website and even give your ideas. I would encourage everyone to spend some time reading the agenda pages and praying about any responses or suggestions you might have. At the very least the agenda pages are great inspirations to prayer for President-Elect Obama, his administration, and for our country as we head into the next four years.

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