6th Oct, 2008

Whom or What Do You Trust – Revisited in the Context of the Financial Markets

What fears are flooding so many right now? How does such a sight grab people? Is it real?

People forget that they watched fortunes go up nearly triple from 1995-2000, more than ever before in a five year period. Does it not make sense that corrections must come? Besides, this is all the betting on the come. The futures. The what do we think the future holds. A bet on the return.

It amazes me that people put so much faith in money and in the market, when it is all very unknown, yet they will deny God’s existence because they normally cannot see, touch, taste, feel or hear Him. There is no seeing, touching, tasting, feeling or hearing future value of a business or money either, but we will bet our entire known fortunes on it.

And to think that people were putting their trust in lobbyists and congress people? In government? Things like this should show us that more government isn’t the answer to the problems of life.

It seems to me that God gives and He takes and watches to see if we will trust Him regardless. Why would He continue to bless us with financial blessings if those blessings turn our attention from the One True Giver and Lover – the One that we truly need? It only makes sense that He would put us in a position to see Him more clearly because He knows that dependence on Him, not money, is what we truly need.

Will we invest in Him even when it seems we have nothing to invest? Will we trust in Him with our time, talent, and treasure? Will we give Him everything (since everything comes from Him already it only makes sense, right)?

Rather than fear or stress, I pray that the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea. Habakkuk 2:14. I pray that we will know we can trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord, is the rock eternal. Isaiah 26:4. It strikes me that God will reopen the blessings as soon as He knows that those blessings aren’t idols in our lives.

UPDATE: I noticed the Pope had some similar comments about the sandy foundations of the world markets and financial system.


Great post. I noticed the Pope had some very foundational comments as well. I’m putting my hope in the Lord!! Bless you guys.

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