1st Jun, 2008

Receiving the Greatest Gift of All

On this 1st of June, 2008, Keaton took a plunge.

Regan had a bit of fever this morning so we decided to have church in our flat. Because Tanner recently had some questions about the security of salvation, and because I awoke this morning feeling convicted that I still hadn’t discussed those issues with him, I felt impressed to have a time in God’s word discussing what it means to be saved and how God saves us.

I began with the beginning, talking about God, who and what He created, why He created us (relationship), how we lost that relationship (sin), and how God provides the Answer to that problem through Jesus. We looked at the scriptures in Genesis, Romans, Ephesians, John, and 1 John. We talked about what a “gift” is and what eternal life and death is. We talked about how God gives us grace and salvation in spite of our sinfulness and that we need to receive that gift through faith in Jesus. I told Tanner that eternal life isn’t eternal unless it is eternal. J And it was good.

Throughout our study we all spoke, asked questions, and answered questions. After talking through all of what salvation is and means for some time I asked Tanner and Keaton if they had received the gift God offers us. Tanner said “yes,” and we knew that he had. We had had a similar discussion a few years ago and I had the joy of baptizing Tanner a couple of years ago. Keaton then said “yes,” too.

Tara wisely asked him, “Keaton, when did you do that?”

“Today,” came his answer without missing one beat.

Immediately we knew it was true. So we hooted and hollered a bit and told him the angels were, too. What a morning of rejoicing it was. Keatie and I then went and celebrated by having a little date at Asda, buying his choices of cereal, crisps (potato chips) and the like. We topped it all off with a trip to KFC to get a big bucket of chicken for us all for Sunday dinner.

Please pray for Keaton because he struggles with fear/shyness. He says that he is too shy to tell others about what he did. Pray that he will ask Jesus to help him overcome his “shyness.”


Yay! Praise the Lord for Keaton’s decision today!!!

And it was a good day for the Riley family. And the angels sang.


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That is AWESOME!!! I can only imagine the joy of witnessing one of your own children receive Christ and learn to follow Him!!! That is what this life is all about, isn’t it? Thanks for sharing!

Praise God, Bryan. For whatever it’s worth, tell Keaton that I was extremely shy, too, so I know without a doubt God’ll take care of that whenever He wants to.

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Love you Keaton! I am so happy for you.

Thank you, everyone, for your prayers and encouragement. Keaton has really had a great week. Even just last night he came and confessed something to me “so that he wouldnt’ have to have it bothering his thoughts.”

We love you all. I really enjoy reading what’s going on with you.
God bless you.

Yeah! That’s just a wonderful story. Keaton is so lucky to have a daddy like you but the praise goes to the Lord for opening Keaton’s heart!

We are so excited for you to be in the family of God and to understand what that means. Both of our boys accepted Christ when they were seven during our VBS week.
Love you,
Aunt Tammy, Uncle Greg, Carter, Colin and Corissa

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