30th May, 2008

Prayer – A Conversation

Alan Knox recently wrote about how God communicates, asking his readers to comment on four questions:

1. Do you think that God still communicates with us? Why or why not?

2. Do you think he only communicates with us through Scripture? Why or why not?

3. When God communicates with you, how do you know that it is God?

4. When God communicates with you, do you always obey what he says?

Please ask and or answer any other questions that you think may be pertinent to this discussion.

His post and others’ comments are here. I’ve written quite a bit about hearing God’s voice in the past and I linked them all in this post, “Listen To His Voice.”

What do you think in response to Alan’s questions?


1) Yes.

2) No, there are other ways, too.

3) I must rely totally on HIS ability to make Himself known, and not on MY ability to discern.

4) As best I can, with the usual caveats about my sinful flesh wanting to avoid the tough stuff.

Bob Cleveland’s last blog post..Easy Believism .. Round THREE??

1. Absolutely

2. No, though circumstance, though others, I try to look and listen for God.

3. I love Bob’s answer so, I’m saying ditto

4. It grieves me that I can’t yes an unequivocal yes-but I’m praying for grace to obey.

Bob and Alycelee, I totally agree with what you said on #3 – well stated. Bob, what’s the tough stuff for you? Thank you for your encouraging answers.

Here is what I wrote over at Alan’s site:

1. Yes. Because God speaks. cite – The Word of God. And, as His sheep, we know His voice. John 10. He’s the same today as He has always been. Hebrews 13.

2. No. See #1. Add to #1 personal experience with growing in my relationship with God. What is a relationship if it doesn’t involve communication? Add to #1 all of creation, which speaks loudly of its creator.

3. I test it. I test it against scripture. sometimes I wait for confirmation. I also have heard from God enough that I can sometimes recognize the difference between my thoughts and His.

4. No. Sadly. Not immediately anyway.

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