14th May, 2008

England Unedited


Very nice pics. Looks like you folks are having a good time there, and I’m sure good in the Lord’s eyes as well.

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I love Chatsworth. It is just a few miles from Buxton where my mother-in-law lives. It is my favorite place to go for a vacation when I want to do absolutely nothing in a really beautiful place.

Strider’s last blog post..On Hospitality

It is my wife’s favorite place, and, with it being her birthday, we decided to return there. This was our second trip and it is truly a beautiful place. Americans often don’t know how to rest and enjoy beauty; it is something I appreciate about English culture.

I LOVE the pictures! (I especially love seeing all of those Riley faces…I will have to show the kids) I could sit and listen for hours to all of your adventures and descriptions and even more what God is doing in your lives!

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