10th Apr, 2008

Vote Jason Castro

I’m liking Jason more and more. What a performance he gave. I liked everything about it, from the ukelele to the falsetto riff at the end.

I’m also thinking it’s past time for Kristy Lee to go. My next one to vote off after Kristy Lee – it’s a bit of a surprise…

Michael Johns.

I’d like to see a top 6 of Brooke, Carly, David, David, Jason and Syesha.


That was great! I haven’t ever watched American Idol on TV, but I’ve been catching some of the performances on YouTube. I really like David Brooks as well.

Every time I go to vote for Jason Castro I can never get through, by cell phone or by regular landline.
Jason is a real person, he isn’t plastic, he is not a wanna be.
Jason Castro is on the winning team, whether he wins the American Idol or not. He has already blessed so many people. He is where he’s suppose to be right now. GOD has him there for a reason. He wins either way with Jesus as his pilot. Jason is already living the dream. Jason is so unique. He is very unique and handpicked by GOD. Jason has his own sound. I,m so excited and overjoyed and probably in love with his sound style and voice. There so many musicians that sound over and over again like each other. Its just the same thing all the time, over and over again and again. There is never anybody with a different sound. But Jason Castro is here with a fresh fresh fire. not boring, he has a different flavor. That is what is needed. I have to be truthful, when He sings, I know he is singing with all is heart and soul; and when someone loves Jesus as much as Jason does,– well I cried because it was so beautiful, and breathtaking, Twice I lost a gasp of breath when I heard him sing Alleulia, and somewhere over the Rainbow Its just so beautiful, a genuine, and a sweet sweet spirit going right up to the throne of God. I can see it.
He is a Livin Lovin Doll, and I love who lives inside of him. JASON BABY YOUR ARE ONE IN A MILLION. The best is yet to come, it has already Begun for you So enjoy every minute of it and never never forget JESUS

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