18th Oct, 2007

Uncovering God? I hope so.

What Kind of Blogger Are You?
I hope that although I may be undiscovered that I can help a few discover God.

(ht: Kay at Chaotic Spirit)


Felicitaciones por todos tus post son una maravilla todas tus ideas y sé que te dedicas al 100 por ciento,adoro tus reeotas,cariñcs y abrazos.

Thanks for addressing my comment! I always wonder about looks because in my experience, only the really attractive girls are able to attract other girls. So I’ve always felt at a great disadvantage because of the way I look. :/ I guess I need to find a way to be more social, or find more hobbies. I’m currently trying online dating with no success. Which is why I brought up the looks thing, since I have my picture posted.

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