12th Oct, 2007

Personal Record & 16 Years

tara-bryan-hathaway.JPGOkay. I’ve never posted more than twice in a day, at least I don’t think I have. This may be my fifth post today, but this is important. Today is October 12, 2007. On October 12, 1991, I took Tara Lavy on our first date. We ate dinner at the newest restaurant in town, Chili’s, and then crossed town to go to the University of Arkansas’s football homecoming. Arkansas won. Woo Pig Sooie. We then crossed town again, in the worst of traffic, to meet Tara’s parents at Goldie’s for dinner. I remember that as we drove in thick traffic I showed off my bible knowledge by quoting all of Psalm 34 to her. Ha! Two and a half years later we married and we are still going, better today than at any other time. (I couldn’t have said that as recently as a year ago!)

I don’t have a picture from those days handy, but as soon as I can find one I will update this post with a pic of us from 1991 or so. When you see that you will wonder what Tara was thinking! 🙂


How neat that you remember the day! I do not remember the precise date, but I do remember our first date clearly…I think we ate at Applebees in Little Rock, then we went shopping. I sure don’t know why my husband came back for a second date, but I am so glad he did. Love hearing that it is better now than at any other time…just continues to display God’s work in your life!

I don’t remember the date but I know it was a week or so before my birthday in 1986. We got married 2 years later.


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