26th May, 2006

Why Am I Blogging?

Wow. Being new to blogging, I am somewhat surprised at how cynically people can view another’s words, even when the words are straight from scripture. Perhaps as an attorney and someone who is starting to have some years behind him, I shouldn’t be so surprised, but I am. I recently posted the prayer that is below on several sites. These were all sites where many of the participants were people who appeared to be decrying the modern day phariseeacalism that is afflicting the church, a sentiment I share and from which my prayer and words came. Nevertheless, the words were questioned as pious and created offense to some.

I think this illustrates a failing of blogging. I understand that blogs create situations where we can’t see body language or hear tone and all we have are words; moreover, we often don’t know the individuals who are writing. Consequently, there is a lot of room for misinterpretation. It seems to me the wisest way to handle those types of questions would be to use direct, private email to the individuals if we have questions about their intentions or meaning.

Watch how you wield them;
Tools of great power
To heal and to harm.
May my heart be
To use my words for good;
Evermore prudently,
Communicating as You would.

For the record, here is, in a very short fashion, part of the reason why I began blogging. When I began reading a number of blogs this past weekend it broke my heart, not because I’m some super spiritual person or because I’m young and naive, but because what I saw was, from my perspective, having the same effect on the lost as what is noted so well at Kevin Bussey’s http://studentguru.blogspot.com, when he posted the picture of an angry looking woman picketing the Da Vinci Code. It struck me that many were arguing over very insignificant things in a way that didn’t reflect the law of love and liberty that we should be proclaiming. We seem to be focused more on rules and conduct than we are relationships and character. And, I know I do this as well. When I do, I have to wonder if I am falling short of bearing Christ’s true gospel.

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