27th May, 2006

Plastic Lives

I am taking a moment to post something apolitical and simply a commentary on today’s society.

Tucked away,
Unnatural efforts
At foreplay.
What lies inside
Driving these gains,
A desire to improve
Or distractions from hidden pain?
Why do we so often
Look in the mirror
And see something dreadful,
A caricature of what is actually there?
It seems especially odd
When to others we show
A brave facade,
And pridefully we glow,
Gracing the world with
The confident smile
Of someone who has
The epitome of style.
What is it about our society
That ever herds us to seek more,
Never content and always hungry
For the next “latest thing,” we whore
After idols;
Not necessarily gold or silver,
But we worship them nonetheless;
Abandoning the Real
For something less-
For … Plastic.

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